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Tuesday Jan 22, 2013

Welcome to Ivanovo!

Part 7 of my series of articles on our attempts to adopt our first child in Russia. You will find part 1 here. In this chapter, we arrive in the city of Ivanovo, where we hope to meet our future child. Our first impressions are mixed: the city itself looks fairly run-down and filled with soviet-era street names and statues, but majestic trees are everywhere. We learn the fine art of shopping in a small provincial Russian grocery store, which doesn't seem to have changed since soviet days, and anxiously await our first meeting with Tatyana - our gateway into the Education Department.

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Sunday Jan 13, 2013

To Ivanovo!

This is part 6 in our adventures in Russia to adopt our first child - including the madness of two foreigners trying to buy tickets in a Russian train station. The first part of our adventures may be found here.

The Kiev train station was just across the Moskova river from Evgeny’s. It was a bright sunny day, and so we made it at a brisk pace across the bridge in hardly ten minutes. Once inside the station, we navigated our way over to the ticket hall. That’s when we stopped and gaped. There is a joke they tell in Russia: One Russian is a drunk. Two Russians, a game of chess. Many Russians, standing in line. It should have said: standing in twenty lines.

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Friday Jan 11, 2013

Moscow by day

This is the fifth in a series of articles about our adventures while trying to adopt our first child. You can find the first article here.

After meeting the middleman, we take a short break touring about Moscow, trying to get a feel for the culture of the strange country we found ourselves in. Unfortunately, our first walk about fell smack on the day of Russian high school graduation, and there were literally thousands of drunk, excited youngsters hanging around aimlessly in all of the public squares.

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Sunday Dec 16, 2012

Meeting the middleman

This is the fourth in a series of articles telling the story of how we adopted our first child. If you haven't read the previous article, you may want to read it first. The series starts here. In this article I tell about our first meeting with our "middleman" Evgeny, and what came out of this meeting.... not to mention a few Russian jokes (or "anectodes" as they say) that Evgeny told us.

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Tuesday Dec 11, 2012

Our first trip to Russia

Our first trip to Russia. The taxi driver, a crazy, excitable fellow, arrived at seven o’clock in morning in front of our house in Knocknacarra, that great sprawl of housing estates where we lived at the time, slowly spreading over Connemarra to the west of Galway city. I came outside when I saw him pull up in front of the house, and explained to him that he’d have to wait for a couple of minutes, because Joëlle was hoovering. At this, he almost dashed the wind shield into pieces with his head. “Hoovering!” he said. “That’s a woman for you. You’re about to miss a flight and she’s hoovering!”

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Thursday Dec 06, 2012

Where to go?

Here's part 2 of my series of articles on how we adopted our first child. In this part we select our destination country (in our case Russia), and start to prepare for the trip while gathering huge mountains of paperwork.

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Tuesday Dec 04, 2012

Moyshele's adventures in adoption land - In the beginning...

This is the first in what is likely to be long series of articles about our many adventures when trying to find a child to adopt. Without further ado, here begin our adventures in adoption land:

My wife Joëlle and I decided one day to adopt a child. We had been married for almost two years, had been living together for a year-and-a-half even before that, and still no child was coming of its own accord. I know, I know, that’s not such a long time to wait, but since Joëlle had taken over thirty years to find her prince charming, we couldn’t really afford to wait much longer.

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